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This section covers issues related to the handling of MIB files.

  1. Where can I find a MIB compiler?
  2. Why aren't my MIB files being read in?
  3. Where should I put my MIB files?
  4. What does "Cannot find module (XXX-MIB)" mean?
  5. I'm getting answers, but they're all numbers. Why?
  6. What does "unlinked OID" mean?
  7. The parser doesn't handle comments properly. Why not?
  8. How can I get more information about problems with MIB files?
  9. What's this about "too many imported symbols"?
  10. Do I actually need the MIB files?

Additional Contributions

Feel free to propose additional questions for this section

  • Can the Net-SNMP API be used for MIB parsing and callbacks related to parsing? Eg, load a MIB file, and get all the symbols exposed by that MIB? [from Piyer]
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

or suggest entries that might be more appropriate in a different section.

Comments on the content or phrasing of individual entries should be made on the relevant wiki page - this page is more intended for discussion of the higher-level structure of this section.

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