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This section covers issues related to the command-line client applications.

  1. How do I add a MIB?
  2. How do I add a MIB to the tools?
  3. Why can't I see anything from the agent?
  4. Why doesn't the agent respond?
  5. I can see the system group, but nothing else. Why?
  6. Why can't I see values in the <ENTERPRISE> tree?
  7. The agent worked for a while, then stopped responding. Why?
  8. Requesting an object fails with "Unknown Object Identifier" Why?
  9. Why do I get "noSuchName" when asking for "sysUpTime" (or similar)?
  10. Why do I sometimes get "End of MIB" when walking a tree, and sometimes not?
  11. How do I use SNMPv3?
  12. Why can't I set any variables in the MIB?
  13. Variables seem to disappear when I try to set them. Why?
  14. Why can't I change sysLocation (or sysContact)?
  15. I get an error when trying to set a negative value - why?
  16. I get an error when trying to query a string-indexed table value - why?
  17. How should I specify string-index table values?
  18. How do I send traps and notifications?
  19. How do I receive traps and notifications?
  20. How do I receive SNNMPv1 traps?
  21. Why don't I receive incoming traps?
  22. My traphandler script doesn't work when run like this - why not?
  23. How can the agent receive traps and notifications?
  24. How big can an SNMP request (or reply) be?
  25. How can I monitor my systems (disk, memory, etc)?
  26. Applications complain about entries in your example 'snmp.conf' file. Why?
  27. OK, what should I put in snmp.conf?
  28. How do I specify IPv6 addresses in tools command line arguments?

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