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This section covers issues related to developing code to extend the Net-SNMP agent.

  1. How do I write C code to integrate with the agent?
  2. How does the agent fetch the value of a MIB variable from the system?
  3. Mib2c complains about a missing "mib reference" - what does this mean?
  4. Mib2c complains about not having a "valid OID" - what does this mean?
  5. Why doesn't mib2c like the MIB file I'm giving it?
  6. Mib2c ignores my MIB and generates a pair of 'mib-2' code files. Why?
  7. What's the difference between the various mib2c configuration files?
  8. Which mib2c configuration file should I use?
  9. How can I have mib2c generate code for both scalars and tables?
  10. Are there any examples, or documentation for generating MIB modules?
  11. Where should I put the files produced by 'mib2c'?
  12. Why doesn't my new MIB module report anything?
  13. Why does the iterator call my get_{first,next} routines so often?
  14. How can I get the agent to generate a trap (or inform)?
  15. How can I get an AgentX sub-agent to generate a trap (or inform)?
  16. How can I get the agent to send an SNMPv1 (or SNMPv2c) trap?
  17. How can I get the agent to include varbinds with an SNMPv1 trap?
  18. How can I get the agent to send an SNMPv1 enterprise-specific trap?
  19. How can I get the agent to send an SNMPv3 trap (or inform)?
  20. Why does calling 'send_v2trap' generate an SNMPv1 trap (or vice versa)?
  21. How can I register a MIB module in a different (SNMPv3) context?

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