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Where can I find a MIB compiler?

That depends what you mean by a "MIB compiler". There are at least two types of tool that are commonly referred to by this name.

The first is a tool to check MIB files for validity. With the Net-SNMP software, this functionality is mostly integrated within the MIB parser, and hence included in all the applications. The tool 'snmptranslate' is probably the most appropriate for this purpose.

Note that the parser is fairly forgiving (see What ASN.1 parser is used? below), so this should not be regarded as a stamp of approval. For a more rigourous validation, use a tool such as 'smilint', or the on-line interface at http://wwwsnmp.cs.utwente.nl/ietf/mibs/validate/

The second type of "MIB compiler" is one to turn a MIB specification into C code, specifically one designed to aid agent implementation. The command 'mib2c' is an example of such a tool for the Net-SNMP agent.
See the CODING section for more information.

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