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This is the meeting agenda/notes for the Meeting held on 2011-04-25.

Date and Time: 2011-04-25 19:00 UTC


  • Next Meeting
    • May 23rd is chosen
  • Releases
    • 5.3.4
    • 5.4.4
      • pre2 still due out, will get out this week
    • 5.7
      • pre1 will go out late next week
      • trunk test 115 is broken
      • bvanassche will try and get win32 patches in for new standard mibs done
    • Branch Life Times
      • Policy should have been discussed on the list by now
        • How long to keep older versions up to date, given a faster release cycle
        • every other branch is LTS?
        • back porting stable features to LTS branches
      • Long Term Support (LTS)
        • 5.4 and 5.7 are nominated for long-term and agreed upon
          • Dave notes 5.4 came out in 2006.
        • indecision on how long LTS releases should stay around
        • resources are the real constraint: people, hardware and bug tracking make LTS support hard
        • will bring back to a future meeting to continue discussion
  • Administrative
    • standardizing "please write to the list" notes? Possibly with a new wiki page with a longer explanation?
      • Wes should write up a wiki page.
      • Wes has not done so as of yet
    • SVN vs GIT
      • Should be deciding this month about whether to switch
      • Good material on a good work flow process is in gitworkflows(7)
      • A very good diagram depicting a slightly different model
      • What to do with the historic tags/branches from SVN?
      • Release script: Wes promises to update it
      • It is a mental hurdle to switch, so those promoting git will help to help those less familiar
      • Need to look at the web front end to ensure it displays things properly
        • a deal breaker for dts12
      • The vote: on a scale of -1 to 1, 1 being convert to git and -1 being fully against....
        • hardaker: 1
        • magfr: .1
        • rstory: 1
        • dts12: Decent web interface: 0.8 - Crap web interface: -0.3
        • bvanassche: 1
      • Will convert in roughly a month; after 5.[34].4 are out and before 5.7
  • Technical
    • IETF Notes from March IETF
      • The EMAN working group is working on energy management (battery, power, etc)
      • HOST-RESOURCES-MIB update interest, send notes of broken things in the MIB to Wes.
    • Windows Builds
      • Dave hopefully has windows working? Needs wiki post about doing it.
  • Round Table
    • hardaker: enhanced notification support for the agent, converting to git, and 5.7
    • dts12: 5.[34] releases and windows builds.