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This is the meeting agenda/notes for the Meeting held on 2011-03-21.

Date and Time: 2011-03-21 20:00 UTC


  • Next Meeting
    • April 11th
  • Releases
    • 5.5.1
      • Done. announcement later today
    • 5.3.4
      • pre1 done
    • 5.4.4
      • pre1 done
    • 5.7
      • Wes wants to start in late April
      • Discussion about which features it would bring
      • Wes mentions he'll have more than average time to spend on it
      • consensus-ish to choose 5.7 as ok to start in late April
    • Branch Life Times
      • with faster life cycles, maintaining branches becomes more of a problem
      • discussion about policy occurred and will be brought to the list
        • along with rstory's question about back-porting well tested features to older LTS branches
  • Administrative
    • standardizing "please write to the list" notes? Possibly with a new wiki page with a longer explanation?
      • yes (and Dave volunteers Wes to get it done).
  • Technical
    • Testing
      • no comments
    • Feature Marking and Selection
      • no comments
    • IPv6 support
      • --enable-ipv6 vs --enable-transports, etc.
      • default ipv6 on these days?
      • will enable by default on 5.7 onward
    • Windows Builds
      • Dave got helpful hints from Alex
        • will post to the wiki
    • RPMs, DEBs, and system specific packaging.
      • current consensus is to package according to the same packaging that is done on the system itself
      • users should get packages that replace the existing ones with similar functionality
      • as nba puts it: If we dont match the distro, we only appeal to those who might as well compile their own
    • SVN vs GIT
      • slow migration proposed last time ; community split between which is better.
        • hardaker: +1
        • magfr: 0
        • dts12: would like to know more still and be more comfortable
      • Decision should be aprilish
      • good google tech talk about it
  • Round Table
    • Wes: scheduled delivery of data via notifications
    • dts12: releases (5.3.4 and 5.4.4)
    • rstory: dtls wrap-up (cookies and testing)
    • nba: playing with netsnmpstat: so that it will work whether you have tcpConnTable, ipv6TcpConnTable or tcpConnectionTable