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This is the meeting agenda for the Meeting to be held on 2008-03-31.

Date and Time: 2008-03-31 20:00 UTC?


  • Next meeting date (Wes)
  • Status reports
    • 5.3.2 announcement and lessons (Wes & TrogL?)
      • trogl: don't release on solaris. just don't
        • "extra stuff" doesn't work under solaris (but doesn't remember specifics)
    • 5.2.5 and makerelease (Wes)
      • delayed due to patches
      • delayed due to makerelease change, which is now mostly in place in trunk
      • magfr is still working on a version number centralization patch to go into
    • future release plans (see query on coders)
      • 5.2.5 delayed due to makerelease setup and patch DB work-through
      • 5.2.5 immediately (again)
      • start 5.4.2 about 2-4 weeks from now and allow overlap
    • coverity (Wes)
      • no response from coverity staff to multiple queries
      • will wait 1-2 months and try again hoping their load is lighter.
  • Coding issues
    • Proposed mechanism for MIB_Module_ReWrites
      • general consensus: good
      • needs a generic flag (--with-new-features or similar)
      • timeframe: ~ 5.5ish
      • dts12 nominated (if that's the right word) to implement it.
    • Multiple 5.4.1 container-related crash reports: roadmap to solution? (rstory)
      • magfr should have applied the patch at this point. Report?
        • magfr did apply the patch
        • problem believed (roughly) to be solved
        • will tell people to try 5.4.2.pre1 when it comes out
  • New projects and things being worked on/ round-the-table (led by Wes)
    • wes: dtls, tcp vs udp study, some various patches, and makerelease
    • dts12: 5.4.2, --enable-new-features and time travel
    • magfr: debug patches, destructor/copy constructure issue in handlers, agentx trap issues
    • tanders: packaging improvments (binaries)
    • rstory: nothing to report
    • trogl: work moving to requiring other platforms