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This is the meeting minutes and agenda for the Meeting on 2008-02-11.

Date and Time: February 11th 21:00 UTC?


  • Next meeting date (Wes)
  • Status reports
    • 5.3.2 announcement and lessons (Wes & TrogL?)
      • Wes still hasn't made it.
    • 5.2.5 (Wes)
      • Will start soon. first .pre1 to be published this friday
    • coverity (Wes)
      • Requests sent to coverity, but no response received.
  • Coding issues
    • Multiple 5.4.1 container-related crash reports: roadmap to solution? (rstory)
      • magfr will apply his patch
  • New projects and things being worked on/ round-the-table (led by Wes)
    • Wes: makerelease script update
      • will have first working copy by friday in order to release 5.2.5.pre1
    • Wes: Maybe releasing an audio history/coding presentation
    • Wes: Maybe releasing a new table helper
    • TrogL: SOlaris 10 SNMP uplift from 5.0.9 (assuming I ever get time to atually work on it - it's been crazy here lately)
    • tanders: has been working on the third party list