How do you write a good answer

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Good Answer

This is a Good Answer article. It was likely created as a response to a question on a Net-SNMP Mailing List and written up here for others to see. It likely covers material not yet in the FAQ or in the Tutorial but may someday be moved there


How does one write up a good answer and have it appropriately documented?


Well, darn, that's a good question. Let me see if I can help.

  • Create a link on the Good Answers Page 1 page to your article name
    • articles should be named carefully without a prefix (see below)
  • copy the following template into that page:


== Question ==

== Answer ==


Design caveats

Originally I wanted all the articles to begin with ANS: to give them their own prefix. But it really wasn't worth it because the links and clean categorization got to be pain (they'd all end up in the "A" section of the category). So... name randomly at will!

Future TODO items

In the future, we should be able to mark items that are worth moving to the Tutorials or the FAQ with a special template that puts a banner or a right hand box saying this is worth moving.