Creating a new Good Answers Category

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Good Answer

This is a Good Answer article. It was likely created as a response to a question on a Net-SNMP Mailing List and written up here for others to see. It likely covers material not yet in the FAQ or in the Tutorial but may someday be moved there


How do you create a new Good Answer Category?


The Good Answer Category is really a top level category that should contain as many topical sub-categories as need be. It should not (probably) contain an directly tagged questions, however.

To create a new sub category, you simply tag an article with it as you would an existing one. IE, like:


Then, save the page and click on the (red) "NewCategory" link. You'll be taken to a blank category page (with your article listed in it). Edit the page to put in the following template invocation with a word or two about your category purpose: