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Release Schedule

The Net-SNMP project has adopted a release schedule target of issuing a "leading-edge" version of the code (either a new branch, or a minor-number release of the most recent branch) approximately every three months (or more quickly if this is deemed appropriate). The aim is to ensure that patches, bug fixes and new features will be made generally available reasonably promptly.

The previous two code branches will continue to see minor-number releases, to ensure that bug fixes on those lines also make it into active service. Earlier branches will typically be marked as "end-of-line", and will see no further development activity (other than in exceptional circumstances).

However, starting with the 5.4.x line, every third code branch will be designated a Long Term Release. Instead of being marked "end-of-line" when the next-but-two branch is first released, such lines will continue to be maintained until the next-but-fifth branch appears. Note that both of these are also Long Term Release branches - hence there will always be two Long Term Release, and two normal code branches receiving active support and development.

Release Timing

As indicated above, the aim is to issue a leading-edge release every three months or so. Releases on the older lines are likely to be less frequent, but should appear every six to nine months - although this may well stretch as the code matures and attention switches to the newer lines. (There's no point in making a release on a new branch just for the sake of it, unless there are actually some changes or bug fixes to be made available.)

Note that these are general guidelines, rather than firm commitments, and we fully expect to miss this timescale as often as not. Similarly any release dates in the tables below should be regarded as provisional targets. All questions relating to schedule timelines should be sent to the net-snmp-coders

Active Release Branches

Net-SNMP Branch Current Version GIT head Next Version Tentative Release Date Release Manager
5.4.x 5.4.4
V5-4-patches (Long Term Release)
5.5.x 5.5.2
V5-5-patches 5.5.3 ? Dave Shield
5.6.x 5.6.2
V5-6-patches 5.6.3 ? Dave Shield
5.7.x 5.7.2
V5-7-patches 5.7.3 ? Wes Hardaker
trunk master Development code

Closed Branches

The following branches are regarded as "end-of-life". There will be no further work done on these (barring very exceptional circumstances)

Net-SNMP Branch Final Version GIT head
5.2.x 5.2.6
5.3.x 5.3.4

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