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Helping Out

Want to help? There are many projects that need to be tackled to make this software better. To help us out, join the net-snmp-coders mailing list, announce what you're wanting to work on (to make sure its not being done and won't conflict with someone elses work) and start writing! Submit your ideas, questions etc. to the net-snmp-coders mailing list as you come up with them. If you have patches to contribute (yay!) then submit them to our patch tracking system (so they won't get lost) at: http://www.net-snmp.org/patches/

Contributions to the Net-SNMP source code in any form are greatly appreciated. We expect the parties providing such contributions to have the right to contribute them to the Net-SNMP project or that the parties that do have the right have directed the person submitting the contribution to do so. In addition, all contributors need to be aware that if the contribution is accepted and incorporated into the Net-SNMP project, it will be redistributed under the terms of the license agreement used for the entire body of work that comprises the Net-SNMP project (see the COPYING file for details; in summary BSD-like not GPL or LGPL). If this license agreement ever changes, the contribution will continue to be released under any new licenses as well. Thank you, in advance, for your gracious contributions.

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