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This is the meeting agenda/notes for the Meeting held on 2012-02-27.

Date and Time: 2012-02-27 20:00 UTC

  • Next Date
    • April 2 (which avoids daylight savings time issues)
  • Releases
    • 5.5/5.6 Starting Soon? -- dts12
      • dts12: nothing yet, should be tomorrow
    • 5.7 after that -- Wes
      • hardaker: will start first week in April
  • Administrative
    • Git
      • hardaker updated the email push script to be more succinct
    • Google SOC
      • crickets (dropped again this year; need to find some mentors)
  • Technical
    • Coverity scan results
      • it would be nice to see a new run; magfr will bug Jan to see if we can get a fresh run
    • system clock independent patch
      • hardaker/rstory: needs a -lrt patch at a minimum
      • reviewing it would be a good thing; it's an important patch
      • rstory points out that periodic alarms, etc, still need absolute time
      • consensus: 5.7 and master only for the time being and if it goes well, push back into older branches
  • Roundtable
    • hardaker: catching up, 5.7, patches
    • dts12: catch up, bugs from bug db, and 5.[56]
    • rstory: coders once a week-ish
    • magfr: mostly minor things
    • nba: get a compile farm working