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This is the meeting agenda/notes for the Meeting held on 2009-01-05.

Date and Time: 2009-01-05 20:00 UTC

  • Next meeting date
    • February 2nd
  • Release issues
    • Upcoming releases
    • 5.3.3 - Robert?
      • Robert agreed. "it's just running a few scripts, right? how hard can it be?"
      • roughly end-of-feb time-frame with 2-3 weeks for pre1-pre2 and 2-3 for rc1-rc2
    • 5.5 - Wes
      • Will start right after 5.3.3 is out the door. Likely early March.
  • Coding issues
    • bug bashing report
      • dts12 will run another on bugs this time (as opposed to patches)
      • will shoot for Feb 16th
      • might want someone else to take over after this next one
    • autoconf rehash/rework
      • dtls12 hasn't done anything recently about it
      • wes had issues getting autoconf to force rebuild from the new files
      • general agreement that it's both better (well done Dave) and sufficient for 5.5
    • autoconf 2.63
      • tanders installed it into trunk before the holidays, so it's in place now
    • discussion surrounding automake
      • Wes will send note to -admins asking for people who want to stand up as 'its good and we should do it' representatives
    • engineid discovery mechanism
      • No one wanted to hold discussion about it
      • Future additions to the agenda about it welcome, but otherwise discussion dropped
    • coverity
      • Wes delivers long report:
[12:38] <hardaker> coverity:
[12:39] <hardaker> I attended a conference call in december? about it.
[12:39] <hardaker> they're making lots of changes.
[12:39] <hardaker> they have a self-build system that lets you submit results to scan from any OS (pretty much)
[12:39] <hardaker> I asked lots of questions and it was a good conference call.
[12:39] <hardaker> that being said, since then:
[12:40] <hardaker> 1) I asked for a new project (unrelated to net-snmp) to be added and they said they would.  So I sent the mail they  requested and got no response.
[12:40] <hardaker> 2) I submitted a self-build on my F9 system per their instructions and it didn't appear in their runs system.
[12:40] <hardaker> 3) I sent them mail asking for help about where my self-build results were supposed to be seen and got no response.  again.
[12:40] <hardaker> they were sure that their responsiveness was improving, but I haven't seen signs of it.
[12:41] <hardaker> I suspect I just thought of a potential issue for #2 today that may have been the problem and I'll try submitting a new  build later this week to see if I can correct it.
[12:41] <hardaker> beyond that, this is just a report and I have no discussion items per say.
    • libtool 2.2.4
      • magfr (thank you!) upgraded libtool to 2.2.4.
      • macros moved to the m4 directory
      • no longer checks for a fortran compiler
      • slight discussion about possibly moving m4 and configure.d to subdirectories, but no one cared but Wes... dropped
  • Round Table
    • Wes is working on DTLS (mostly done) and SSH (needs a new application for tying sshd to snmpd)
    • dtls12: nothing recently
    • magfr: dup_nword, skip_nword, rework of copy_nword