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This is the meeting agenda/notes for the Meeting held on 2008-11-10.

Date and Time: 2008-11-10 20:00 UTC
Note: the original meeting time was marked 19:00 UTC, which didn't take account of the switch from DST

  • Next meeting date
    • 15th December
    • Next Bug Bash - 24th November
  • Next Release
    • 5.3.3 - Robert to act as provisional release manager
  • Coding issues
    • Configure restructuring
      • No progress since last meeting
    • Autoconf 2.63 and automake
      • Issue with \r in configure script - confuses SVN
      • Unclear how damaging this would be (esp. on Mac OS 9/?Windows)
      • Probably need to try it and find out
      • Call for comments/vote on -coders list first
    • engineID discovery mechanism
      • Carried over to next meeting
  • Round Table
    • DTS: Little recent activity - "configure restructuring is the main thing I haven't been doing"
    • Magfr: Working on a "unified statistics handler" - still needs testing
    • jsafrane: "just a little fixing here and there"