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This is the meeting agenda/notes for the Meeting held on 2008-07-07.

Date and Time: 2008-07-07 19:00 UTC

Low anttendance at this meeting; some items may need more input by off-line members


  • Next meeting time
    • Wes suggested aug 11th at the same time (19:00 UTC); no objections
  • Status reports
    • 5.2.5 (Wes)
      • Will release later after the meeting or early tomorrow
    • 5.4.2 (Dave)
      • was waiting for 5.2.5 and has one issue on darwin
      • will release .rc1 shortly after 5.2.5 is out
    • makerelease (Wes/Dave)
      • no comments other than Wis admitting it needs more work
  • Coding Issues
    • Bug Bashing
      • wes posed some questions:
      • 1) do we think we can all spend a portion of time to work on bugs at the same time
      • 2) should that time period be based on what length of time (1 hour, 6 hours, a 24 hour window)
      • 3) what should the communication method be (IRC vs email)
      • General consensi:
        • IRC probably has a better shot at working
        • Short and focused would be better (~ 1 hr)
        • It should be announced on -coders
        • July 21st proposed and accepted
        • Dave will lead it
    • patch policy for triple-dot releases
      • lots of discussion: end result = leave up to the release manager
  • Round-the-table