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This is the meeting minutes and agenda for the Meeting on 2007-12-11.

Date and Time: December 11th 21:00 UTC?


  • Next meeting date (Wes)
    • January 15th
  • status reports
    • 5.3.2 (TrogL)
    • coverity (Wes)
  • Coding issues
    • multiple 5.4.1 container-related crash reports: roadmap to solution?I also have an embryo of a patch to add the --disable-snmp option to configure :-)
  • next release? (rstory)
    • 5.2.5?
  • new projects and things being worked on (new meeting item for all meetings)
    • hardaker: trap reception and extensibility; likely new security transports (dTLS or similar); possibly some agent/data lookup optimizations
    • dts12: UCD/HostRes overlaps simialr to CPU/memory, maybe disks too
    • magfr: a lot of cleanups (All over the place. The testsuite, removing dead code. make more things static etc. etc.); Also the split of sysORTable so that agentx subagents can d a reconnect; module dependency cleanup; changes to the nsDebug MIB (will take to coders)
  • discussion surrounding creating a /branch/V5-3-2 type release branch and moving it to /tags when published
    • goal: allow for /V5-3 branch resume from freeze earlier
    • discussion on -coders needed. most in channel on fence.