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Notes from the admin meeting on 2007-03-02

  • Next meeting date
  • Status of Conversion to SVN
    • Structure of tags/branches
      • should we separate active and inactive branches?
        e.g. move old branches to "old_branches"
      • Dave: to float proposal by (coders?) list
  • Google Summer of Code
    • volunteer needed as primary mentor: rstory
      dts12 as backup
    • look for list of possible tasks from last year
    • rstory to send scheduling requirements to the list
  • Library layering
    • Everyone agreed that Wes was right that things need to be merged.
      Wes fell over.
    • tanders thinks he will be doing the work
    • potentially we should think about moving stuff around at a later date.
      (Dave's example: agentx, util routines, etc)
  • Coverity bugs
    • the majority are trivial bugs, but we should hit these
    • dts12: there are a lot of bugs in the S/F tracker too...
  • Close

Other topics discussed afterwards:

  • autoconf 2.5x doesn't activate caching by default - this also affects manually-prompted values (contact, location, etc)
    • the configure prompts need to be updated, so as not to imply that these settings will be remembered.
  • build system for auto-calling configure, etc, seems out of whack.
    • why is config.status called automatically during "make clean"? (when configure has changed)
    • Dave will raise the issue on the coders list
  • Problems with corrupted binary files (esp. images) in the SVN repository
    • DTS and SVN fought to an honourable draw.