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Starting with net-snmp 5.2 there's a new IF-MIB implementation that covers much more MIB objects (e.g. ifXTable with 64-bit ifHC* counters) than the old instrumentation. This IF-MIB rewrite has initially been provided for Linux only, but has already been ported to others and can easily be ported to more platforms.

Porting Status

net-snmp 5.2.x (configure --enable-mfd-rewrites) and 5.3.x (by default) support the new IF-MIB implementation for Linux only. net-snmp 5.4 and later also has support for OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Solaris (off by default, need to "./configure --enable-mfd-rewrites", also enables the udp-mib and tcp-mib rewrites for Solaris).

Porting HOWTO

Here's what needs to be done to port the IF-MIB rewrite to a new platform. We're looking for volunteers!

There's really only one pair of files that need to be coded:


It should contain the following routines:


See the routines for Linux for an example.

To see how the old implementation retrieved the relevant data from kernel, refer to


and related files.


If you're interested, please get in touch with us on the lists and/or IRC.