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Where can I get the perl SNMP package?

Joe Marzot's excellent Perl 'SNMP' module, is included in the Net-SNMP source releases. It can be found located in the perl/SNMP subdirectory of the source tree. This is accompanied by a number of Perl modules grouped together under the NetSNMP namespace.

The basic SNMP module (though not the NetSNMP additions), can also be found at any Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) mirror site, under modules/by-module/SNMP. To find the CPAN site nearest you, please see http://www.cpan.org/SITES.html.

These Perl modules need to be used in conjunction with a compatible version of the Net-SNMP library. Consult the README file in the SNMP Perl distribution to find out which version of the library it needs.

  1. What is the purpose of the Perl SNMP module?
  2. Where can I get the Perl SNMP package?
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  5. Compiling the Perl module works OK, but 'make test' fails. Why?
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