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The third BugBash was held at October 13th, at 19:00 UTC.

Theme - Patches

The focus of this meeting continued looking at items that have been submitted to the Patches tracker but have not yet been either accepted or rejected.

Patches discussed

This meeting considered various patches, mostly concerned with particular MIB module code within the agent. The patches covered were:

  • 2103492 2008-09-10
    Implementation of etherStatsJabbers defined in RMON-MIB
    • Jan to investigate and test (customer requirement)
  • 2082726 2008-08-29
    fix 10GigE overflow
    • Seems OK
    • Jan to apply
      • fixed & applied, SVN rev. 17263
  • 1985491 2008-06-05
    snmp2ptp daemon
    • Judging by the tracker comments, probably not useable as it currently stands, but need to look at the actual code
    • Status of the underlying MIB is unclear - appears to be related to work in the IETF TicToc WG
    • Would the effort be better off put into (e.g.) implementing the NTP MIB?
    • Dave to investigate
  • 1927751 2008-03-27
    Update icmpMsgStatsTable, Take IV
    • Extends the table to add missing OIDs, but introduces significant changes to the data collection code
    • Jan/Dave to look more closely at the patch, and consult again
  • 1797111 2007-09-18
    Better support for ipIfStatsTable
    • Seems OK, but really needs further testing (esp. on Solaris)
    • Jan to apply to trunk (and wait for feedback)
      • applied, SVN. rev. 17260
  • 1712645 2007-05-04
    meaningful log message on duplicate IP address
    • Basic functionality already applied
    • Outstanding issues relate to the filtering of warning messages
      • Should such library routines return an error indication, rather than issuing a log message?
      • Should such log messages be warnings or debug indications?
    • Jan/Magfr to come up with a proposed patch
      • Magfr's patch is already in, only logging changes needed (done, SVN rev. 17255-17256)

Patches outstanding

The following groups of agent-related patches were not discussed at this meeting: