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Net-SNMP Tutorial -- Commands

The net-snmp toolkit provides a suite of command line applications that can be used to query and act on remote SNMP agents. These instructions/lessions do assume that you have properly made and installed the package! If you have not installed them, most of them should still work providing that you set the environmental variable MIBDIRSto SRCDIR/mibs, where SRCDIR is the directory containg the net-snmp source tree.

Note: Most of these commands are designed to work if you cut and paste them into your own shell. They all operate on the demonstration agent running on the net-snmp web site host, so you don't have to have an agent installed at your site to test these commands.

Note: Many of these commands assume you are running net-snmp 4.1 or higher.


  1. snmptranslate: learning about the MIB tree.
  2. snmpget: retrieving data from a host.
  3. snmpgetnext: retrieving unknown indexed data.
  4. snmpwalk: retrieving lots of data at once!
  5. snmptable: displaying table.
  6. snmpset: peforming write operations.
  7. snmptrap: Sending and receiving traps, and acting upon them.
    1. Sending and receiving SNMPv3 TRAPs and INFORMs
  8. Common command options:
    1. Using and loading MIBS
    2. SNMPv3 Options
    3. Customized Output Formats

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