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NET-SNMP v5.x Tutorial

Note Well:: Most of these tutorials have been replaced by wiki versions of the same tutorials and most of these pages are now out of date by comparison. Please see the wiki Tutorials instead.

Note: This tutorial is for net-snmp 5.0 and above. The commands you see here will likely not work with the ucd-snmp toolkit commands. The tutorial for the older ucd-snmp is still available, however.


Welcome to the net-snmp tutorial series. Here we hope to present to you various different tutorials that will help you learn all about the net-snmp package. This tutorial is not intended to be a replacement for the fine manual pages and other documentation (Frequently Asked Questions, etc). The tutorial gets more complex as you go on, so stop reading when get beyond what you really wish to know.

Currently, we do assume you understand at least a little bit about SNMP. Future tutorials will be written to address this need as well, hopefully.

The Tutorial

  1. The net-snmp command set section will teach you all about the net-snmp command toolset and how to use the wonderful commands like snmpget, snmpwalk, snmpset, etc...
  2. The mrtg section has some notes on using The Multi-Router Traffic Grapher" with the net-snmp demon
  3. The net-snmp demon section (not finished) will explain how to use and run your net-snmp snmpd and snmptrapd programs.
  4. The net-snmp toolkit section will get down to the nuts and bolts of using the net-snmp libraries to build an example SNMP application, agent mib module, and stand alone sub-agent. (Knowledge of C required).
  5. The API manuals are also extremely helpful.

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