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SNMP basic applications

encode_keychange produce the KeyChange string for SNMPv3
snmpcmd options and behaviour common to most of the Net-SNMP command-line tools
snmptranslate translate MIB OID names between numeric and textual forms
snmpget communicates with a network entity using SNMP GET requests
snmpgetnext communicates with a network entity using SNMP GETNEXT requests
snmpbulkget communicates with a network entity using SNMP GETBULK requests.
snmpwalk retrieve a subtree of management values using SNMP GETNEXT requests
snmpbulkwalk retrieve a subtree of management values using SNMP GETBULK requests
snmpset communicates with a network entity using SNMP SET requests
snmptest communicates with a network entity using SNMP requests
tkmib an interactive graphical MIB browser for SNMP

SNMP "second-level" applications

snmptable retrieve an SNMP table and display it in tabular form
snmpdelta Monitor delta differences in SNMP Counter values
snmpusm creates and maintains SNMPv3 users on a network entity
snmpvacm creates and maintains SNMPv3 View-based Access Control entries on a network entity
snmpstatus retrieves a fixed set of management information from a network entity
snmpnetstat display networking status and configuration information from a network entity via SNMP
snmpdf display disk space usage on a network entity via SNMP

Notification manual pages

snmptrap snmptrap, snmpinform - sends an SNMP notification to a manager
snmptrapd Receive and log SNMP trap messages.
snmptrapd.conf configuration file for the Net-SNMP notification receiver
traptoemail snmptrapd handler script to convert snmp traps into emails

SNMP application configuration manual pages

net-snmp-config returns information about installed net-snmp libraries and binaries
snmpconf creates and modifies SNMP configuration files
snmp_config handling of Net-SNMP configuration files
snmp.conf configuration files for the Net-SNMP applications

Agent manual pages

fixproc Fixes a process by performing the specified action.
snmpd daemon to respond to SNMP request packets.
snmpd.conf configuration file for the Net-SNMP SNMP agent
snmpd.examples example configuration for the Net-SNMP agent
snmpd.internal internal configuration of the Net-SNMP agent
mib2c - generate template code for extending the agent
mib2c.conf - How to write mib2c.conf files to do ANYTHING based on MIB input.
mib2c-update script to merge custom code into updated mib2c code

SNMP base library APIs

netsnmp_library The Net-SNMP library -
read_config register_config_handler, register_premib_handler
snmp_api snmp_sess_init, snmp_open, snmp_send, snmp_free_pdu, snmp_select_info, snmp_read, snmp_timeout, snmp_close, snmp_perror, snmp_sess_perror, snmp_error, snmp_api_errstring - send and receive SNMP messages
mib_api init_mib, add_mibdir, init_mib_internals,
snmp_sess_api snmp_sess_init, snmp_sess_open, snmp_sess_session,
variables     variables - Format of specifying variable names to SNMP tools.
snmp_alarm snmp_alarm_register, snmp_alarm_register_hr, snmp_alarm_unregister - alarm functions
default_store generic storage of global data.
netsnmp_mib_utilities mib parsing and datatype manipulation routines. -
netsnmp_debug debug - Print out debugging information about the handler chain being called.

Agent API manuals

netsnmp_agent The Net-SNMP agent - The snmp agent responds to SNMP queries from management stations.
snmp_agent_api embedding an agent into a external application
snmp_trap_api send_easy_trap, send_trap_vars, send_v2trap - send TRAPs or INFORMs from a Net-SNMP MIB module
netsnmp_mib_handler_methods mib_handler_methods - Defines the subhandlers to be called by the multiplexer helper.
netsnmp_utilities utility_handlers - Simplify request processing A group of handlers intended to simplify certain aspects of processing a request for a MIB object.
netsnmp_handler Net-SNMP Agent handler and extensibility API - The basic theory goes something like this: In the past, with the original mib module api (which derived from the original CMU SNMP code) the underlying mib modules were passed very little information (only the truly most basic information about a request).
netsnmp_scalar scalar - Process scalars easily.
netsnmp_baby_steps baby_steps - Calls your handler in baby_steps for set processing.
netsnmp_bulk_to_next bulk_to_next - Convert GETBULK requests into GETNEXT requests for the handler.
netsnmp_scalar_group_group scalar_group - Process groups of scalars.
netsnmp_example_scalar_int example_scalar_int: instantiates a few example scalars. - This example merely creates some scalar registrations that allows some simple variables to be accessed via SNMP.
netsnmp_table_dataset table_dataset - Helps you implement a table with automatted storage.
netsnmp_iterator_info_s iterator_info_s - Holds iterator information containing functions which should be called by the iterator_handler to loop over your data set and sort it in a SNMP specific manner.
netsnmp_old_api old_api - Calls mib module code written in the old style of code.
netsnmp_watcher watcher - Watch a specified variable and process it as an instance or scalar object.
netsnmp_table_array table_array - Helps you implement a table when data can be stored locally.
netsnmp_multiplexer multiplexer - Splits mode requests into calls to different handlers.
netsnmp_serialize serialize - Calls sub handlers one request at a time.
netsnmp_cache_handler cache_handler - Maintains a cache of data for use by lower level handlers.
netsnmp_Container_iterator Container_iterator -
netsnmp_table_iterator table_iterator - The table iterator helper is designed to simplify the task of writing a table handler for the net-snmp agent when the data being accessed is not in an oid sorted form and must be accessed externally.
netsnmp_table table - Helps you implement a table.
netsnmp_table_data table_data - Helps you implement a table with datamatted storage.
netsnmp_stash_cache stash_cache - Automatically caches data for certain handlers.
netsnmp_row_merge row_merge - Calls sub handlers with request for one row at a time.
netsnmp_read_only read_only - Make your handler read_only automatically The only purpose of this handler is to return an appropriate error for any requests passed to it in a SET mode.
netsnmp_leaf leaf_handlers - Process individual leaf objects A group of handlers to implement individual leaf objects and instances (both scalar objects, and individual objects and instances within a table).
netsnmp_instance instance - Process individual MIB instances easily.
netsnmp_container null_container - Helps you implement specialized containers.
netsnmp_mode_end_call mode_end_call - At the end of a series of requests, call another handler hook.

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