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Some notes for the Tru64 Unix 5.x port

1. Compiling

The following procedure has been proven to successfully compile net-snmp 
version 5.2.2 and later on Tru64 Unix 5.1B (Alpha EV5.6) using the Compaq C 6.5 

	./configure --disable-embedded-perl
	su -
	make install

A recent GNU C compiler (gcc) will probably work, too.

Please note that the "host" module doesn't compile on Tru64, so you *cannot*
run configure with "--with-mib-modules=host".

2. Embedded Perl

The Perl package (5.00503) shipped with Tru64 Unix 5.1 isn't complete enough
to allow to build net-snmp with embedded Perl support. If you need embedded
Perl support, do your own Perl installation first.

3. IPv6

Starting with net-snmp 5.4 you can enable the UDPIPv6 and TCPIPv6 transports
on Tru64 Unix 5.1:

   ./configure --enable-ipv6

There's no support for the IPv6 MIBs, though.

4. Known problems

"make test" is known to report the following failure:

  59: testing full snmpwalk (SNMPv2c) against agent (may take time)... FAIL

so it's obvious that there are still problems with some MIB modules on Tru64.
If you have ideas how to fix them, please let us know!

5. Feedback

Please also see README and PORTING.

If you have questions, additional insights or (even better) patches regarding
net-snmp on Tru64 Unix, please refer to the net-snmp mailing lists (see 

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