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Use command snmpconf to create a snmpd.conf file in the current directory:

% snmpconf
  1. Read none existing file.
  2. Choose to setup the snmpd.conf.
  3. Choose to setup the Access Control.
  4. Choose to setup a SNMPv1/SNMPv2c read-only access community name.
    1. community name: public
    2. network address to accept: localhost
    3. restricted OID [RETURN for no-restriction]:
  5. finished, finished, quit

Review and copy the created snmpd.conf file into /usr/local/etc/snmpd/snmpd.conf or somewhere else where it will be found (e.g. /etc/snmpd.conf, it depends on compile-time options).

You should also read the snmpd.conf manual as well.