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Net-SNMP Tool
Manual: snmpd
Code: agent/snmpd.c

The snmpd daemon acts as the central SNMP data repository for a given host. In it's most typical usage, it listens to port 161 (and possibly 10161) and:

  • waits for requests to come in and responds to them
  • issues notifications (TRAPs and INFORMs)
  • is capable of performing some Self Monitoring

Configuring snmpd

The snmpd.conf configuration file takes a huge wealth of configuration options. One way to get started is to run the snmpconf -g basic_setup command.

Extending snmpd

The Net-SNMP agent is renowned for how easy it is to extend it via C-code, perl or shell scripts.

How it works

Internally, the agent's architecture is composed of a primary processing engine and a bunch of handlers that are responsible for returning and processing data from sections of the MIB tree. See the Agent Architecture document for more details about the internal guts of the agent.